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    Ayurvedic treatment for Leucoderma

    The main cause of leucoderma is the lack of melanocyte pigment which is due to the destruction of melanocyte -forming cells. It is an autoimmune disorder caused by a lack of immunity. In this, the color of the upper skin of the body starts to fade and white spots are formed. This problem can happen to anyone of any age. These spots can occur on any part of the body and start growing. Leucoderma can only be cured through Ayurvedic medicines. Arogyam Ayurveda has the successful treatment of leucoderma So that this problem is fixed forever and does not come back.


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    Urticaria also Known as hives , affects about 20 percent of people at some time during their lives. It can be triggered by many substances or situations and usually starts as an itchy patch of skin that turns into swollen red welts.

    Eczema is a condition that causes your skin to become dry, red, itchy and bumpy . Eczema damages the skin barrier function which makes your skin more sensitive and more prone to infection and dryness.

    Arogyam presents a very effective Ayurvedic solution – which works very well for any kind of Skin Allergies

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