Dr.Satnam Singh on Asthma/Allergic Bronchitis

Best Ayurvedic Treatment of Allergic Bronchitis/Asthma

Ayurvedic Treatment of Asthma | Allergic Bronchitis

We have treated the thousands of Asthma Patients from root cause. Because of success rate in treatment of Asthma (Allergic).
We have been Awarded in British Parliament. We are the first Ayurvedic Allergy Hospital who has presented scientific research paper in the treatment of Allergies (Asthma| Allergic Bronchitis) is European academy of Ayurveda. Our Doctors are continuously doing research on allergic.


Patients are on inhalors or Pumps


Whistling sounds in chest

Coughing, Running Nose, falling of Phlegm in the throat

Sneezing, Sounds in Ears, Head Region, heaviness in the water eyes may occur

What Causes Asthma/ Allergic Bronchitis?

Harvesting season during the march, april,September,October farm dust in the environment cause allergy in the nose.

Weather Changes from hot to cold and cold to hot aggravates asthma.

The rainy season, when humidity is too high, increase asthma symptoms.

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