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Collagen Beauty

This Anti-Aging Formula Boosts The Firmness and Elasticity of Your Skin and Supports Beautiful and Healthy Hair and Nails

Why Collagen Is Imortant ?

  • Every year our skin loses 2% of the collagen after the age of 25.
  • This leads to sagging of skin, wrinkles, fine lines, black spots, and pores on the skin.
  • Collagen beauty contains collagen from the marine source which helps restore the depleting collagen from the skin.
  • Collagen beauty also contains hyaluronic acid which helps keeps the skins plumped up and youthful.
  • Collagen beauty is an ideal composition containing the right amounts of collagen from ideal sources i.e marine (especially for skin). It also contains hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C, which helps regain the lost youthful skin.
  • The use of collagen beauty is very good for healthy hair, hair fall, loss of hair, thinning of hair, etc. Help keep the hair lustrous, shiny, and healthy.
  • Arogyam’s collagen beauty is good for nails as well. It keeps them strong.
  • Bone health is also an added advantage. When you are taking collagen as collagen maintains the flexibility of the joints.

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